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Automotive Tempered Glass

Development and mass production of
large-sized automotive tempered glass in 2020

In recent years, the traditional automobile industry is facing various challenges such as electric vehicles (EV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV), and hybrid vehicles. In addition, with the advancement of autonomous driving technology and 5G communication technology, new products such as digital dashboard, CID (Center Information Display), and passenger seat displays that show various information technologies are developing in automobiles in recent years. In particular, high-end/large displays are the main trend.

JNTC is preoccupying the market through mass production of large-sized tempered glass for automobiles in 2020, and internalized core technologies (anti-reflection, anti-glare, 3D molding and printing technology, etc.) of the process. Also, based on our 3D curved technology, we have developed ultra large (1500x400mm) tempered glass and secured an exclusive position in the field of automotive display tempered glass.

Automotive Tempered Glass
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