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Technical Edge

Lead the future industry with a technology better than today

Based on the company motto of "Become a leader in the future industry," JNTC is continuously pursuing new challenges and technological progress. JNTC's technical edge is summarized as securing business items with a long lifecycle, developing commercialization technology for marketizing source technologies, self-developed automation facilities, and internalized innovation DNA.

Exclusive technology
for tempered glass

World's first 3D cover glass mass
production and know-how

Implementation of various 3D designs
that are not standardized
Various raw material glass
handling experience

Development and mass production
experience with major display

(LGD, BOE, SDC etc.)

Full internalization of
tempered glass processes

Secured the ability to
internally resolve quality
problems by internalizing
the entire process

(Vehicle AR/AG required
technology, etc.)

Maintaining the project
security system by
internalizing the entire process

Automated facility

Maximizing synergy through
active collaboration between
affiliates within the group

Fast and efficient process
improvement through
affiliates' capability to
manufacture facilities (JNTE)

Major Awards

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