CompanySustainabilityEnvironmental Management (HSF Policy)

HSF Policy

Recognizing HSF management as a core element
of corporate management and protect the global environment
from hazardous substances

As a manufacturing company specializing in tempered glass, JNTC recognizes HSF management as a core element of corporate management and protects the global environment from harmful substances. We faithfully fulfill customer requirements through the fundamental removal of hazardous substances contained in products and establish and implement HSF policies and management goals for the sustainable management of products as follows.

  • The organization continuously improves to achieve IECQ-HSPM for the product.

    In order to minimize the environmental impact caused by JNTC's activities, products or services, and to improve quality, we establish and effectively implement the HSF management system.

  • We realize zero HS defect rate through thorough quality control.

    For quality improvement and HSF in the entire process of production, sales, distribution, usage, and disposal, objectives and detailed targets are specifically established and reviewed for continuous improvement.

  • Establish and promote IECQ-HSPM goals for product realization.

    We secure competitiveness by creating products of perfect HSF quality based on creative HSF management technology development.

  • We actively comply with HSF-related customer requirements and regulations established by our company.

    Reuse and use, suppress the use of major pollutants or waste, and minimize the use of hazardous substances and energy, and minimize the emission of environmental pollutants through process replacement and improvement.

  • Comply with environmental safety regulations and Hazardous Substances Free (HSF) improvement activities.

    In order to comply with environmental and safety related laws and regulations and other requirements, establish internal management standards and faithfully implement them to minimize environmental and safety accidents.

  • Open management (ethical management)

    Recognize and communicate the importance of complying with the quality environment HSF management system to all executives and staff members, and disclose the quality, environment, and hazardous materials policy to the general public to realize transparent quality, environment, safety and ethical management.

  • Safety and legality

    JNTC identifies the latest documents related to product safety, safety inspection standards and HSF legal/regulatory requirements, shares information, and executes document management.

31 Jul 2020 JNTC
Yungjun Park, CEO